Tivoni Treats is palm oil free!

Tivoni Treats has been in business for almost a year (!), and in that year I've developed a lot of exciting new recipes. I've had so much fun experimenting with new ingredients and learning about the science and chemistry behind baking. This past week, I started experimenting with making my own vegan butter. I was skeptical that it would work--it seemed too good to be true. But after only one trial, I was able to create a butter that works even better than the one I've been using the past year. The cookies stay uniform in size and stay tasting fresh way longer. The croissants are lighter and flakier. The icings keep their shape and don't melt as easily. And one of the best parts is that this butter is palm oil free! I initially became vegan 5+ years ago because of my deep concern for the environment, and I'm super pleased to announce that I have products that I can proudly stand behind. Tivoni Treats is trying to save the forests and orangutans, one cookie at a time!

Keep checking the website in the next few days for some exciting announcements regarding new products, new locations, and celebrating 1 year of business!


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