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Tivoni Treats was established in 2018 by Hadar Kaly. After getting the flu and binge watching Great British Bake Off, they decided to try out baking various types of breads and discovered that they loved it. They had worked at Bluestockings Bookstore since 2014, and upon returning to work, pitched the idea of selling their baked goods in the cafe at the bookstore, which had not had a consistent vendor since 2015. On January 31st, 2018, Tivoni Treats officially opened at Bluestockings Bookstore in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.


Hadar graduated from Chef's Training Program at Natural Gourmet Institute in Manhattan, a plant-based and health supportive culinary school. 

Hadar believes that it is very important to be our authentic selves, which is why they do not shy away from making their various identities an integral part of their baking career. As the child of an Ashkenazi Jewish mother and a Sephardic Jewish father from Morocco, their Jewish heritage is an integral part of their life. They try to incorporate their Jewish identity and culture into their cooking as much as possible by recreating traditional Jewish foods and incorporating North African and Middle Eastern flavors into their cuisine. They also choose to be very open about their trans and queer identities. They believe it is important to prove that trans and queer people can be successful in their careers without having to put aside or hide their identities. They are proud to be a nonbinary, queer, Moroccan-American Jewish baker. 


Hadar is a professional chef in a vegan restaurant in New York City, but their passion for health supportive cuisine is still a primary focus. They offer plant based private chef services, meal plans for people with dietary restrictions and illnesses, and catering for private events. Head to the Contact page to set up a consultation and see if their services are right for you and your life.